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PROGRAM | FLOORING Business Convention

We will host FLOORING, the new conference for the flooring industry, for the first time from November 15-16, 2021, around current topics in the industry from digitalization and distribution to market analysis and development. And we will also look at innovations in the areas of technology and sustainability. Keynote speeches from leading industry representatives and experts will be at the heart of the event. Interactive discussions, an awards ceremony and an evening event complete the program. 

As a new platform for the flooring industry, FLOORING is aimed at managing directors and decision-makers in purchasing, marketing and sales at flooring manufacturers, suppliers and distribution partners. They will meet representatives of the media and associations and, last but not least, experts from business and science. We promote topic-oriented exchange and ensure sufficient space and time for networking.


We look at innovation topics in the areas of digitization and sales. On cross-material marketing strategies, channel management and online trade. On innovations in the areas of visualization and standardization and on innovations in the areas of sustainability and technology. And of course we analyze strategies that have become necessary after the crisis! Alongside the lectures, our participants can expect two panel discussions, an evening event and an awards ceremony.


WE for YOU l Magdalena Höbinger
Event Management
Phone: +43 1 585 4623-12

Our program folder | Here for you to download!

  • 09:00

    Welcome & Opening

  • 09:10

    Approaches to the Customer, Trends & Answers to the Crisis

    Bruce Zwicker is the opening speaker at the first FLOORING Business Convention. As the President & CEO of J. J. Haines, the sought-after keynote speaker has many years of international C-level experience in the flooring industry. Bruce Zwicker is an expert on channel mix and trends. In his lecture, he will show us ways for the industry to stay close to the customer in digital times and present strategies in response to the current crisis.

  • 09:50

    Challenges Faced by a Family Business in the Global Market

    The family-run company Weitzer Parkett is the Austrian market leader and is one of the top players in the parquet sector in Europe. In his lecture, Josef Stoppacher shows a possible answer to the increasing market concentration in the industry, in which global players buy companies from all material groups and force them into all channels. He explains the David – Goliath principle, illustrating how a player from Austria can assert itself in international competition by means of a mix of innovation, channel management, leadership and agility.

  • 10:30

    Coffee Break

    Space and time for conversation and refreshments.

  • 11:00

    Improving the Collaboration Between Manufacturers & Customers

    Milan Zahradnik has over 15 years of experience in online marketing with a focus on the real estate industry. Since the launch of Sonderwunsch Meister GmbH, he has led the PropTech start-up as CEO. PROPSTER has set itself the goal of covering the entire communication and organisational process between the home buyer and the developer or project developer. Milan Zahradnik presents this exciting project, which also opens up new opportunities in the B2B area for flooring manufacturers.

  • 11:40

    Panel I New Approaches to the Customer

    Bruce Zwicker | Josef Stoppacher | Milan Zahradnik. The speakers of the morning will discuss the topic: “New Approaches to the Customer”.

  • 00:15

    Lunch Break

  • 13:30

    A love story. The power of a branding and emotional value in digital direct-to-consumer sales

    As our world gets more and more connected, consumers view products and services as more replaceable. Your competitor is only one tap, one Google search away, the next one outbids you on Amazon. What really drives long-term value is a strong and direct connection with your customers by building an emotionally relevant brand and telling stories that users can quickly relate to.

    Thiemo joined the international design and strategy consultancy moodley in 2017. As partner and managing director, he leads a multidisciplinary team of digital specialists across strategy, data, design and technology, building and shipping digital products.

  • 14:15

    Market Trends & Prognosis for European Flooring Markets

    Dr. Frederik Lehner has been the managing director of Interconnection Consulting, an international marketing, market research and consulting company in Vienna for 20 years. InterConnection is one of the leading companies in the field of market research on the European markets in the flooring industry. In his lecture, Frederik Lehner shows market trends and forecasts across all material groups in Europe. He talks about the impact of Corona on construction and flooring markets and shows ways to react as adequately as possible.

  • 15:00

    Coffee Break

    Space and time for conversation and refreshments.

  • 15:30

    Standardisation and Certification for Flooring Coverings

    Dr.-Ing. Rico Emmler is the managing director of the EPH (development and testing laboratory for wood technology). The test laboratory is a Europe-wide recognised partner for manufacturers of floor coverings and their underlay materials, as well as their suppliers in terms of proof of conformity with product standards as well as required performance records in the construction industry. In his lecture, he explains relevant developments in the area of standards and certifications and gives an outlook on expected changes.

  • 16:00

    Virtual Reality as the Sales Tool of Today

    DI Marcel Nürnberg is the founder and managing director of Squarebytes, a digital agency for interactive, virtual tours and architectural visualisations. The marketing agency SQUAREBYTES, which specialises in virtual and augmented reality, offers an extensive range of folders, websites, logo development, rendering, 360-degree panoramas, videos and virtual tours. In his lecture, Marcel Nürnberg shows the advantages and opportunities that are opening up for sales with the help of virtual reality.

  • 16:30

    FLOORING Award Ceremony

  • 17:00

    End of the 1st Conference Day

  • 19:00

    Evening Event