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Welcome to FLOORING Business Convention

New branch event for the flooring industry with focus on market, strategy & innovation!

On November 15 – 16, 2021, we will host FLOORING for the first time, a new conference for the flooring industry that will focus on current industry topics in the areas of digitalization and distribution, market analysis and development, as well as innovations in the fields of technology and sustainability. Keynotes from leading industry representatives and experts will be at the heart of the event. Panel discussions, an awards ceremony and an evening event will complete the program.

Keynotes & Themen. Sales 2.0 | Innovation | Strategies

With FLOORING, we want to establish a new annual communication platform for the industry. The target group includes managing directors and decision-makers in purchasing, marketing and sales of flooring manufacturers, suppliers and sales partners, as well as media and association representatives.

We look at innovation topics in the areas of digitalization and sales. On cross-material marketing strategies, channel management and online trade. On innovations in the areas of visualization and standardization and on innovations in the areas of sustainability and technology. And of course we analyze strategies that have become necessary after the crisis!

Speakers and Expert Voices

Bruce Zwicker

Board Director | Virginia Tile

DI Josef Stoppacher

Managing Director | Weitzer Parkett

Dr. Axel Steinhage

Director R&D & CTO | Future-Shape

Milan Zahradnik

Founder & CEO | PROPSTER

DI Marcel Nürnberg

Managing Director l Squarebytes

Thiemo Gillissen

Managing Partner l moodley design group

Dr. Frederik Lehner

CEO | Interconnection Consulting

Dr.-Ing. Rico Emmler

Managing Direcor l EPH Management



Becoming a FLOORING partner!


Our Event Venue | Hotel Meliá Vienna