The Flooring Business Convention in times of Corona

Even though everything is different this year, we have decided to still organize the Flooring Business Convention, as we did plan the event for a long time. On this page we want to inform you about what we do and what we offer with regard to the conditions for organizing our event in times of Corona.


.. Settings | Security Precautions .. 

We follow the guidelines of the Austrian Federal Government with regard to the general settings and security precautions. We will limit the maximum number of people on site to less than 200. We will ensure a minimum distance of at least one metre between the chairs and assign fixed seats so that masks are not worn during the lectures. Masks will not be required during the buffet and lectures, but we will of course them as well as disinfectants. Furthermore, a COVID-19 representative from our side will be present.


.. Cancellation Conditions | Virtual Convention.. 

You will be refunded your money due to stricter Corona measures coming into force: Should we be forced to cancel the conference, for example due to a new general obligation to wear masks, or in the event of stricter travel conditions. In addition, our events are generally subject to free cancellation up to four weeks before the date of the event. Should we not be able to realize the event due to stricter corona measures, we will develop a virtual concept. The exact conditions for this will be announced at least one month before the date of the event. In this case your ticket price would be reduced by 25%.


DOWNLOAD Information on Events | Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs (German)


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